It’s Time to Put in Some Work

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Steffens over at LWC has made his case for wine to be sold in Grocery stores. I couldn’t agree with him more.

Today, Red, White, and Food, an organization supporting the effort, put out a list of Senators and Representatives, and their position on the matter.

Memphis has an opportunity to make a big difference on this matter. With 21 Representatives and Senators out of 132, that’s 16% of the entire legislature. Below is a list of Shelby County legislators ordered by their support, or lack thereof. If your legislator supports the measure, send them an email thanking them. If your legislator is either opposed, or has not announced their position, head over to the Red, White and Food media center and get educated, then write your legislator.

This is simple stuff. If beer is ok in grocery stores, why not wine?

Note: If you use a web based email system (Yahoo, AOL, hotmail, Gmail, etc.) right click on the appropriate link below and copy the link, then paste it into a new email. If you use an email client like Outlook, Apple Mail, or something like that, just click the link and a new email will appear with the recipient’s address in the “to” field.


Sen. Paul Stanley, Memphis
Rep. Karen Camper, Memphis
Sen. Beverly Marrero, Memphis
Rep. Larry Miller, Memphis
Rep. Jeanne Richardson, Memphis
Rep. Larry Turner, Memphis


Rep. Brian Kelsey, Germantown
Rep. Steve McManus, Cordova
Sen. Mark Norris, Collierville
Rep. Barbara Cooper, Memphis
Rep. Lois DeBerry, Memphis
Sen. Ophelia Ford, Memphis
Rep. G. A. Hardaway, Memphis
Sen. Jim Kyle, Memphis
Rep. Joe Towns, Memphis


Rep. Jim Coley, Bartlett
Rep. Ron Lollar, Bartlett
Rep. John Deberry, Memphis
Rep. Ulysses Jones Jr., Memphis
Rep. Mike Kernell, Memphis
Sen. Reginald Tate, Memphis

h/t LWC, and Braisted

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