I Can’t Decide? Can You?

One of these lucky Memphis City Council members could have the pleasure of running against me, if only they would reveal their plans for redistricting their seats. Despite pleas from supporters, I can only run against one of them.

Obviously, being that I am but a lowly blogger, I have some preferences. But until they decide who gets the honor, I’m putting the choice up to you. Make that choice, in the comments.

Sorry Councilmen Collins, Ford, Boyd and Morrison. Apparently I live no where near your districts. It’s your loss.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this post, then go here, then come back and vote.

Wanda Halbert
Jim Strickland
Barbara Swearengen Ware
Joe Brown
Janis Fullilove
Myron Lowery
Kemp Conrad
Shea Flinn
Reid Hedgepeth

3 Replies to “I Can’t Decide? Can You?”

  1. Wanda Halbert needs to disappear from Council (all elected govt for that matter). Someone in the private sector, fall on your sword for the greater good and offer her a big salary. But, if your chances are better, go with Ware.

  2. Very cool approach. I was thinking of pulling petitions for all four seats that represent me, too 😉

  3. Well, there’s the revenge factor with Brown, to be sure, Ware is vulnerable but then you’d have to mud-wrestle Banbury to raise money for that one. District might be easier, though, even if you had to break out the Photoshop to put Strickland with a sheep. (Just kidding, JIM!!!!)

    Brown, I guess

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