Haslam’s sick joke

Helping those who don’t need it over those who do.
Helping those who don’t need it over those who do.
When it comes to writing letters that read like press releases, the office of Gov. Bill Haslam has it down pat.

It may be the only thing they do well, other than cow-tow to Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey.

But when it comes to putting pen down to paper to actually propose a plan…one that he even is pushing for…its just too much for him to muster.

So this morning when I heard him talk about his “Tennessee Plan” on an endless loop…a plan that, by the way, only exists in his head, MY head nearly exploded because I knew it was a crock.

Haslam was in town yesterday on a (campaign) swing through the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce’s annual luncheon. It wasn’t an official campaign swing mind you, but it might as well have been.

I mean, for God’s sake, he talked about increasing income inequality as if he actually gave a crap about it. Of course he had no idea about how to fix it or anything else. He just knows its there…not why. (look in your Medicaid expansion policy crystal ball Governor)

Haslam’s been shadowboxing with the Feds on Medicaid expansion for months. On Monday, he released a letter detailing his oft parroted complaints about Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. But there’s one problem with this craftily written letter/press release…

His plan still only has a name, no real details

In fact, the Governor has sent no real details to the Feds of what his “Tennessee plan” would be…which is why when the Tennessee House Democratic leadership calls the whole thing a farce, they’re being too kind.

This is messaging over meat.

This is the healthcare policy equivalent of “let them eat cake”.

This is complete and utter BS.

The Governor has no real plan to expand Medicaid, even though 63% of the state wants it.

What’s more, there’s no plan to have a plan. Just more talk, more wait and see until the money runs out.

Its sick.

So when working people who don’t have insurance at work get sick, the Governor will continue to not understand why they’re getting poorer…even though healthcare costs have traditionally outpaced the inflation at a rate higher than anything but college tuition.

This is called “willful ignorance” and its sick that the Governor thinks he can tout it as “leadership” and not get called on it.

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  1. You gotta love the politics in this sate: All Right Wing, All The Time.
    Hey, how’s old Bill’s brother doing on his Pilot-FBI tussle?? I’m SURE Bill is NO WAY involved……..;-)

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