Blowback 'Mountin'

I’m no big fan of Ron Paul, or his isolationist foreign policy ideals, but Representative Paul spouts some truth here, particularly around 3:30 where he starts talking about “blowback”.

As far as I can tell, Ron Paul is the ONLY Republican voice of reason on our current situation in Iraq in the US House. Here is a speech from April 17th, 2007 where he discusses our current situation in Iraq.

Again, I’m no Ron Paul fanboy or anything, but the Democratic Congressional Leadership could learn a thing or two from his unvarnished honesty and forthrightness. We need to keep doing the right thing…working to bring the troops home.

This weekend, the House and Senate Majority Leadership is working to craft some sort of bill that would both fund the troops in Iraq, not get vetoed, and save face from the artificial May 31 deadline that Senator Reid foolishly put on passage.

We need to send them a message,


The Congress has already sent the President a bill that would fund the troops. Since that time, the President has shown no willingness to negotiate in good faith.

Ok Mr. President, then here is the same damn bill, right back at ya. With the passage of the bill, needs to be an ALL OUT MEDIA BLITZ, “We have voted twice now, to fully fund the troops. Our support for the safety and welfare of our military service members deployed abroad is unquestionable. President Bush chose to veto the first effort. Mr. President, you chose your disastrous policy over the lives of our soldiers deployed in Iraq. Here’s another chance to do the right thing.”

It’s that simple folks.

Please send the leadership as well as your Congressman, a note of support for continuing to do the right thing…DON’T CAVE!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

PH. 202-225-4965

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer
You can email him if you’re from Maryland 5th…here’s a zip code – 20770

Majority Whip James Clyburn


Deputy Whip John Lewis


Majority Leader Harry Reid


Majority Whip Richard Durbin


Senator Charles Schumer


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