Why I’m Not Running

I’ve been avoiding this post for a week now.

Even though I pulled a petition for City Council District 9, Position 1, I’m not running. This decision came with a lot of hand wringing and hair pulling. While I would like to put the blame on the recent wreck I had, that only played a partial role.

The truth of the matter is, the suddenness of the race, the shortened time frame, the money required, and my travel schedule, all conspired against any hope of a run. Two months is a short time to come from nowhere with no money and half the time on the road. If I had won the lottery or had a mysterious rich uncle, maybe, unfortunately, I don’t.

It was an interesting exercise, even though I probably did everything backwards. I was told over and over that local races are about name recognition first, positions second. I don’t doubt that this is true, but it’s kind of sad.

Over the next few days, while we wait for the Olympics to end, and the newsies to get back from their August slumber, I may publish some of the positions I worked out just for fun. Maybe it’ll inspire someone to take them on, or maybe it’ll be an opportunity for people to point and laugh. In any case, it was a fun exercise and something I’d like to do again. Next time, I’ll stay in.

– Steve Ross

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  1. Andromeda – I threw a press conference, unfortunately it was at 6:30AM and I was in my robe and slippers. The squirrels in the back yard thought it was both articulate and modest. I’ll take their word for it.

    Tom – If by recount, you mean the pieces of glass that I’ve been picking out of clothes and other items recovered from my now totaled vehicle, I’ll try to get them together and count them. I have no paper trail, unfortunately. Diebold provided the machines.

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