Whereupon I ask once again…

Shelby Co. Democrats, what’s the deal? Since my last post on this topic, we’ve added 3, count em, 3 members to the new TNDP site. By contrast, Davidson has added 20, and Knox has added 7.

Shelby Co. is has a greater population than both these counties by a pretty large margin. Why are we lagging? Get on over to the TNDP site and show your support of the new tools at our disposal by signing up. It just takes a second, and if you don’t want any more email from the party, you can easily turn that off in your settings.

There are the stats so far:
Total Members – 532
Davidson – 121 – 22.7%
Knox – 75 – 14%
Shelby – 35 – 6.6%
Rutherford – 26 – 4.8%
Hamilton – 19 – 3.6%
Top 5 counties – 276 – 52%

In last year’s election, the top 10 counties constituted 55% of the total statewide electorate, so that’s pretty close to reality. However, Shelby constituted 15% of the total electorate statewide. Right now we’re lagging by more than 8%. We’ve got to do better.

If you’re already a member, send some invites to friends. If you’re not, take 5 min. and give it a whirl. Further, the SCDP Executive Committee is sorely underrepresented on the state site, and our group currently has 2 members (Thanks to Nika Jackson for starting the group, if you’re not a member, go sign up for that too!).

Alright people, get to it. We gotta get past Knox Co. at the very least. Just takes a second, and I’ll stop whining!

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