When Forgiveness Is Not An Option

Since the election was called, I’ve heard a ton of people talk about forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. Its something that allows society to function through the bumps and bruises we cause each other day in and day out.

But forgiveness is also tricky. If the person forgiven doesn’t do real work to change the behavior that got them in trouble, forgiveness can be fleeting.

Here’s how Judaism talks about forgiveness.

“Sincere, meaningful work of repentance and repair.”

Those are really important words.

For folks who say we need to forgive the folks (in the Trump Administration, or in Congress), I ask, “How can we” when they’ve been the ones who:

Have enabled the needless, deaths of over 240,000 Americans…

Sat idly by as over 500 children were ripped from their parents arms, likely never to be reunited.

Used the Office of the President as a profit center.

Made 25,000 false statements to the American People.

The list of is long, and there’s been no meaningful work of repentance and repair, so no. Fuck you guys.

Reality Check

One of the first things Republicans would have to do for forgiveness, is admit they’ve been lying to the American people.

This is about as likely as my growing a third arm.

The GOP and its media proxies, would be destroying their whole business model, if they came clean about the steady diet of bullshit their programming feeds the public.

If the lying doesn’t stop, why would anyone offer forgiveness? That forgiveness will in no way be valued or cherished the way it should be,

Jesus may forgive unconditionally, but humans don’t have to subject themselves to that kind of self-abuse.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Its funny that people are saying Democrats should “forgive” Republicans, when no Republicans have asked for forgiveness!

The Punditocracy wants us to unconditionally forgive a group of people who, not only won’t change, but also don’t want forgiveness.

How fucking nuts is that?

This is some hardcore fairy tale shit.

I’m all for being the bigger man, and hoping for “better angles” and stuff, but I’m not about to give forgiveness to anyone who doesn’t even want it.

I mean, does anything more need to be said about this?


Democrats are consistently called upon to be morally bigger, or better than the GOP. No one expects the GOP to negotiate, and so they don’t.

This is the most annoying thing about the Pundit Class, and too much media coverage in US politics: gloss over the fact that the GOP doesn’t give a shit about anyone else, then hammer the folks who do care for not caving to the GOP.

Its madness.

This is the same madness that the Pundit Class is pushing right now.

Democrats just won a mandate to govern, despite our shitty campaign apparatus.

So as Samuel Sinyangwe says:

Its time to stop coddling the racist policies and people.

Its time to push ahead, with or without them.

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