Membership Update

Here are the membership stats for this week…

Total Members – 617
Davidson – 136 – 22%
Knox – 82 – 13%
Shelby – 43 – 7%
Rutherford – 30 – 5%
Hamilton – 24 – 4%

Shelby Co. people, you’re really disappointing me. Since my last update has added 85 members, 8 of which are from Shelby Co. I know we have more people than that. Heck, the SCDP Executive Committee is some 83 members! Further, where are all our state Executive Committee members? So far, I only see two.

Sign up and show your support! Just takes a second, and I promise it won’t hurt a bit!

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  1. There’s a lot of disenchantment with the TNDP still lingering I suspect.

    This is why I keep pleading and begging the TNDP to forget about trying to woo Republican voters and concentrate on new, younger voters. That’s the reason Barack Obama is POTUS and not a “moderate” Republican like McSame.
    It’s better to lose now than give up the “change” motif which will lead us to future success.
    The TNDPs resurgence should be a long term plan. Not some pie-in-the-sky attempt for a quick fix that lands us with Republican-Lite leadership and no hint of change or reform.

    I’m glad to be a member at TNDP because I see signs of aggression and a take-no-prisoners attitude. I hope that’s true and it’s here to stay.
    An aggressive, consistent, principled message is the winning formula in the 21st century. We are right, they are wrong. And we have proof. 🙂

  2. Look, fuck the TNDP. We can form our own PAC and raise money for the Tennessee Progressive Caucus. Well managed by committed individuals, within two cycles it will become a force superior to anything Bredesen can come up with.

    Just raise money for the candidates who are already earning it, and branch out from there. Honestly, Steve. Do you know the history of the DFL? We could form a true Democratic Party in Tennessee if we really wanted.

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