TN State Sen. Staffer's Racist Email On CNN

Sen. Diane Black, whose staffer Sherri Goforth sent an email containing a racist image was on CNN today. Yesterday Newscoma broke the story, and with the help of just about every Tennessee blogger, it went national. Below is the video from CNN.

3 Replies to “TN State Sen. Staffer's Racist Email On CNN”

  1. OK: A few things …
    1. I’m sure Sen. Black doesn’t “value” racist emails. But what she seems to value by her legislative positions are A) restricting women’s reproductive freedom even in cases of rape or incest, B) denying adequate funding to Tenncare, C) cutting funding to prevent babies from dying in Memphis (which has highest infant mortality rate in the U.S.) and D) making friends with former Sen. majority leader Bill Frist, who helped Black’s family with a questionable business deal.
    2. Racism isn’t just an epidemic in the Tennessee Republican Party. It’s a campaign strategy.
    3. Firing one employee isn’t going to fix the systemic problem in the TNGOP. Their approach is typical racist behavior – minimize, deflect, deny, and counteraccuse.
    4. The real issue is a lack of leadership. The Party of Lincoln has become the Party of Limbaugh.

  2. Racism is NOT a campaign strategy for the Republican party. That’s an absolute ridiculous assumption. Are there racist Republicans? Absolutely. Are there racist Democrats? Absolutely. You could wipe out the entire Republican Party and all who supports it and you would STILL have racism in the US. Racism runs much deeper in the US than what party someone votes for. In a quote from Whoopi Goldberg, she believes that an apology is not enough in light of what happened at the Holocaust Museum last week.

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