The “Never Trump” Ratfuckers will soon be regular old Ratfuckers Again

As I write this, New York and Philly are dancing in the streets. The soon to be re-employed GOP ratfuckers at Project Lincoln get a nod from The Onion:

All this may seem like fun and games, but I’m certain The Onion is more right than wrong on this.


Once a ratfucker, always a ratfucker.

For the uninitiated, the term “ratfucking” is a term of art used in GOP circles.

It began with the Nixon Administration, and lives on as a proud vocation for GOP operatives around the nation.

If you think for a minute that Rick Wilson was in this for “the good of America”, think again. He’ll be writing ads beating up Democrats in the House or Senate in no time.

Hell, he may lead Tea Party 2.0 for all I know.

For all the love this guy and his merry band of ratfuckers have received from the left, he’s only on one side…his.

And this $67m cash cow has kept his bills paid, while messaging and targeting solid Biden voters rather than folks on the fence.

Its all part of the smoke and mirrors that will help define the next two, or more years, as the GOP tries to re-brand itself.

Wilson and his cronies raised $67m and spent it in their own companies to mount a charm offensive AGAINST liberals.

That’s right. They purposely misinformed you. Made you like them. Made you think they like you. When they turn on you come 2022, they hope the goodwill will carry them through without too much damage to their image.

They didn’t invest any of that $67m in the GOTV effort in Georgia. It could have helped a lot.

They cut ads for the internet and TV to make a show of doing something, rather than acrually doing something, which is the mark of a true “Never Trumper”.

They don’t like the big orange one, but the next teapot despot that isn’t a boorish fool, they’ll line up right behind them.

At the end of the day, these guys deserve basically no credit from the left.

Sure, they opposed the President. They wrote an ad or two about Susan Collins for good measure. But they weren’t FOR Joe Biden or any other Democrat.

And it showed in how they spent their money.

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