The Floggings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

I know I’m pissing some people off, and others think I’m bitching prematurely, but this is easy. We want to be talked to. We want to be told it’s going to be ok, and be shown some kind of ANYTHING that leads us to believe we’re not just going to get our asses handed to us again in 2 years.

The truth of the matter is that the TNDP’s actions have done nothing to quell the discontent. The email that was sent to a few select bloggers was a start. Then the rug got pulled out from under us (for the record, I didn’t even get the forwarded email…/pout).

How is this supposed to be in any way reassuring?

It’s not that hard. You want people to get off your ass, do something to achieve that result. I understand that with the selection of a new Chair just weeks away the TNDP can’t start working on a transformational strategy to win back the state House and Senate right now. I don’t understand why it’s apparently so mystifying that Tennessee Democrats might want some reassurance in the wake of our losses last week.

Is that so hard?

We don’t want our version of Bill Hobbs, putting out dumb assed press releases every time his name drops from the top of the Google search for ”Right wing nutjob”, we want someone who will be honest with us, not create a blame storm, and give us hope for the future.

It’s that simple.

The lesson to be learned here is that inclusion and information are the solutions not the problems. This solution is easily handled, but has yet to appear. No matter who the Chair is going forward, he or she is going to need some help, we stand ready to provide some of that help if asked.

By not addressing the problem now, it will just get worse going forward making it even harder in 2010. We don’t need a new Chair to start talking to state Democrats, we need our current Chair to lay the groundwork for some communication so we can be successful in the future.

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  1. I’m in partisan mode right now, not governing mode. What I want the TNDP, SCDP, and other Democratic institutions to do is stop being so damn insular and start bringing more people into the process.

    If that’s impossible, then they at least need to communicate to the people WHO SIGNED UP FOR THEIR DAMN EMAIL LIST. I didn’t even get a fundraising solicitation this year!

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