The Blog, and Other Such Concerns

I know I’ve been MIA for a long time. Let me just say that this past 17 days has been long and trying. Hopefully, the next several days at home will prove to be fruitful here at the blog.

Unfortunately, traveling for weeks on end, working long hours, and being largely cut off from any news is the nature of the business that I’m engaged in. Ideally, I’d prefer to do something that forces me deeper into the news, but as of yet, I’ve not found anything that can replace my salary doing that, so, expect posting to be spotty over the next several months as I build up my savings to deal with the slow months that will follow Thanksgiving. It’s the nature of the business.

Despite all this, I have been working on several things here at the blog. I’m trying out a new twitter plug-in, and have a couple of posts rattling around in my head. I hope to have these out soon.

The financial crisis has been the primary focus of the news, and for good reason. I’m not economist. In fact, macroeconomics is not something that my education in Music prepared me for. There are several places that I go for more information; Bonddad and Calculated Risk are just two sources. I also rely on advisorjim a Memphian, for occasional Q&A sessions. These are always enlightening. Later today, I’ll have a post that is the result of our discussions earlier this week.

Thanks for sticking around, I’ll have more later in the day.

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