Some Things Should Not Be Political

Of the many scandals going on with the administration, the one that makes me the most annoyed is the US Attorney firings. If you don’t know much about it, I suggest you go to Talking Points Memo to learn. As national political scandals go, this one stinks as bad as any other, if not worse.

I’ll not get into the minutiae of the scandal any more than to say that there is the appearance that this Administration has taken on the position that ALL political appointees are to be perfectly in sync with not only the policy of the Department they serve, but also the political strategy of the Administration and the Republican Party in general, and be willing to use said office for political purposes at any time for any reason. This co-opting of a Federal office for purely political purposes is the feather in the cap of all that is wrong with this Administration.

US Attorneys are political appointees and do serve at the pleasure of the President. As such, their resignation can be asked for at any time, for any reason. They know that getting in, and are usually given some time to clear out so their lives aren’t turned upside-down too terribly. Sometimes resignations are requested for political reasons, sometimes for performance reasons. Both are legit, assuming that this is not part of some kind of protection racket as seems to be the case with the firing of the US Attorney from San Diego, Carol Lam. Lam is the Attorney that got Duke Cunningham sent to the pokey for bribery and recently announced an indictment of Defense contractor Brent Wilkes and former CIA official Dusty Foggo. While Lam hasn’t garnered as much publicity as David Iglesias from NM, the appearance of impropriety really stinks up the place.

Some things should not be political. Regardless of party affiliation or who your buddy is, if you broke the law, particularly in cases of government corruption, you should be called to account for it. Sure the “Good ole Boy” network has and will always exist, but this President and his Administration has taken the practice to levels that Huey Long would find outrageous. Things like sentencing requests and what kinds of cases get priority are things that the AG can specify, and as such, are political. Firing people for doing their job, even when it isn’t pretty for you or your buddies, is a scandal. It’s gaming the system for personal gain, and that is another offense that needs to be thoroughly investigated.

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  1. comment as follows—could not have said it better–“Good ole Boy” network has and will always exist, but this President and his Administration has taken the practice to levels that Huey Long would find outrageous.——we do that, kinda ,but all are held accountable, at least to some of us,regardless of it will be.—-j.s.

    p.s.–loved the colarado e-mail

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