Skinny Huckabee Scares the Crap out of Me

Just finished watching Skinny Huckabee (former AR_GOV) on TDS, and I gotta say, he’s got the 8 min. interview down pat. Also saw him on Imus this morning (no I don’t watch that, just happened to see him on the TV) and that was a good performance too.

Huckabee is stealing Edwards’ thunder. His new book, that I haven’t read yet, preaches an optimistic future that you and I can have some say in. He works on TV really well, and comes at things without a level of partisanship that one may have expected from him if they followed him since ’94 when he became Governor of AR.

Huckabee has been the bane of my existence since then. I even started a website called “Huckwatch” in Arkansas back in the late 90’s to keep up with his shenanigans. Christian Heritage week, a declaration that he made in his first year as AR-GOV, and all the other stuff he tried to pull, has been eclipsed by some really interesting and somewhat progressive initiatives for a former Southern Baptist Preacher, over the past few years. Even thought I can’t stand him, he delivers a good message, one that will resonate with a lot of people sick and tired of the status quo.

I hope we bring our A game to ’08, because even though he’s a former Gov. from a small state, that was raised in a little town called Hope, I wouldn’t count him out. Lightning can strike twice.

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