SCDP – Race for the Chair-Prelude UPDATED

For those of you who haven’t been keeping score, we started with 5, Lee Harris, Cherry Davis and JW Gibson dropped out on, or around the Mid-South Community Organizers for Change, Straw Poll.

The remaining candidates are Jay Bailey and Van Turner.

Last night, I sent an email questionnaire to the two remaining candidates for SCDP chair. The questions follow.

1. Why are you running for SCDP chair, and what is your vision for the Party?

2. Describe the role you feel the SCDP should play in local politics.

3. Fundraising for the SCDP has been lagging. How will you turn this around to fund your vision for the party?

4. Talk about your plans to coordinate with other party entities (Other county parties, TNDP, House Caucus, Senate Caucus, etc.).

5. Finding out any information concerning the current work of the party is very difficult. What steps will you take to better inform Shelby County Democrats?

6. Last year we saw a huge influx of volunteers, particularly with the Obama organization. Talk about your plans to incorporate this new energy into the party.

7. Breaking with tradition, the party endorsed a “non-partisan” candidate in the past election. What is your opinion of such endorsements, and do you support endorsing non-partisan candidates in the future?

I’m posting this for two reasons; one to start a conversation, outside of the race for the chair, about issues surrounding the SCDP, but also to help make sure the candidates take the opportunity to address these and other issues in a public forum.

Hopefully, in the coming days I’ll get some responses to post.

Don’t forget to come to the Ward and Precinct Caucus tomorrow at Airways Middle School, 2601 Ketchum. Registration is from 9-10:45, voting begins at 11:30.

UPDATE: The first candidate’s answers are in. I won’t say who was first, but if it wasn’t you, get to sending.

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