Precinct Consolidation Round 2

Map of precincts to be consolidated. Red precincts fold into blue.
Map of precincts to be consolidated. Red precincts fold into blue.
It was last June…the last time the specter of precinct consolidation reared it’s ugly head.

At that time I linked to a lot of things…including the intention to cut the number of precincts to 150 from 236.

Last year’s precinct consolidation meant many voters didn’t get cards with their new location until the day of the election. It can’t have helped that the decision was made just a month before early voting was to begin…or that the body was so far behind on their redistricting procedure they fouled up the August state primary…leading to threats from the State Election Commission, a rebuke from the state Comptroller for shoddy management, two overturned elections, a further fouled up November election, and yet another rebuke…this time from the County.

Quite a resume, no?

So its probably easy to understand why someone might look at the current move with a skeptical eye.

Election Commission Meeting

The Election Commission is reportedly meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 15th at the Election Operations Center at 980 Nixon. I have no idea what’s on the agenda because it doesn’t appear on the website, nor does a meeting notice. Normal time for meetings is 4:30, but I recommend you call ahead…just to be sure. The number is 222-1200.

As you can see, transparency is highly valued at the Election Commission…even the minutes are months behind.

But according to sources this list of precinct consolidations will be up for discussion.

The 58,000 voters in the precincts that would be shut down, are 74% Democratic voters. That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering the partisan breakdown of the Election Commission, and the general partisan leanings of the county (which is at least 70% Democratic in November elections).

But the partisan leanings of the precincts, isn’t really the issue…its the disclosure to the voters.

There hasn’t been any…again.

If you’re concerned about these, or any other actions of the Election Commission, I recommend you go to one of their meetings. Maybe even ask a question or two. Public meetings aren’t sexy, but they are where things get done. If you don’t like what’s happened and what’s happening, you owe it to yourself to go. Nothing happens for people who don’t show up.

Here’s the information again.

Election Operations Center
980 Nixon
Wednesday, October 14th, 4:30PM.

The meeting is open to the public.

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