Playing for the PUMA's – Updated

Update: Older Updates are below. I just found this article from a native Alaskan about Palin. Go check it out.

Since I slept in late, I haven’t had a chance to write about Obama’s amazing speech last night. Just moments ago, I was awakened by the screeching of Pat Buchanan about John McCain’s selection of Alaska Governor Sara Palin.

This is an interesting move on several fronts. First, Palin is from a small state, whose Republican Party is in disarray, between the investigations of Senator Ted Stevens and Representative Don Young. Second, Palin is under investigation herself, as noted in this post from Talking Points Memo. Third, and what will be the most talked about by the MSM, is the bald faced play for PUMA’s, angry that Hillary was not selected, and ready to vote for McCain because of it. If he solidifies the PUMA base, he’s on tap to win states he already held by a margin that’s 20-30 votes greater.

This is a poke in the eye to some Clinton supporters, fresh off their new found unity. I don’t have much more to say about this right now, but if I were going to try and steal Obama’s thunder, I think this pick would do it.


Update 12:25PM: Sara Palin on CNBC questioning what the VP actually does (2:00 in) (h/t JohnnyNYC

Palin: “[A]s for that V.P. talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the V.P. does every day? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that that V.P .slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S., before I can even start addressing that question.”

Governor Palin, I suggest you figure out what the Office of Vice President does, and quick. This sounds like an ad to me! I can’t believe that the McCain campaign didn’t see this as a negative.

First read has three articles about Palin up at this time: Pro’s and Con’s, Reaction, and Praises Obama’s Energy Plan.

Once the draft or a video of her speech is up, I will post it here.

Text of Speech

Video. Palin starts talking around 10:50.

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