Panning the Pyramid Sale

Last week I wrote this post advocating for the sale of the Pyramid to an interested local church. This morning, I found this post in my rss feed from Smart City Memphis panning the idea of selling the Pyramid.

We’re all entitled to our own opinions. Certainly, selling an icon of the city skyline shouldn’t be the first option, but in the absence of any other concrete plan, selling the building, or a long term lease, ought to be considered, lest the building remain a powerful reminder of just how poorly City and County management has fared.

Why is Smart City so opposed to the proposed sale? What future does Smart City see in the Pyramid? What is Smart City’s prescription for making the Pyramid a vital and useful part of Memphis? Is it Bass Pro Shops…the suitor who keeps making us do their homework, but won’t take us to the prom? What about the mythical park that won’t ever happen? Or even that old people flea market idea that some idiot proposed in last year’s election? Maybe they just want to blow it up a magnificent, though fleeting demonstration of the ultimate failure.

The truth of the matter is that:

1. No one thought about what would happen to the Pyramid when the Forum was proposed.
2. Memphis has a history of building things it has no idea what to do with, and won’t look to outside help to make successful, choosing cronies over competence.
3. The Pyramid stands as a continual reminder of just how much, we as Memphians love candy more than we hate being fat. (If you don’t understand that, think consequences)
4. If there is some plan out there that will make the Pyramid bring positive economic impact to the Pinch area it should be put front and center so if can be considered.

I’ve proposed all kinds of things for the Pyramid to become, from convention space to an aquarium, to an expansion to the county jail (just kidding). There is one idea that I haven’t put forward though, and that’s a museum. The theme; Poor City Management Through the Ages. Memphis is a prime candidate, and just think of how many exhibits could come from local resources. Now that would spur the economy! /snark

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