I’ve long thought that President Bush and his “on-high”, appointed administration were a danger to the world, but his latest genius WWIII rant makes me feel that he is determined to FUBAR everything he can before some poor hapless member of the “Democrat” parte’ takes over. You’re doing a fine job Bushie…

His WWIII statement sounded very Republican President in his last 400 days. Looking back at Reagan and Bush Sr., it seems to me that Republican Presidents are only “good” for about 2/3 of their term, after that they turn into bumbling idiots. In this case it was less of a turn, and more of a face in hand, oh yeah, that’s what I did last night, recognition of abject failure.

I find it interesting, that with each passing day, our “President” seems more and more like a cornered animal, frightened at first, but ready to strike if necessary. It’s even more interesting considering that Democrats on the Hill have been largely ineffective at pushing his buttons on just about anything and he still exhibits this behavior. What’s going on? Have Laura and Condi issued an ultimatum? (Pick one or we both leave). Has Barney finally forsaken him? (Never did like the facon). Or is he going through that classic father “daughter getting married”-itis. Honestly, I don’t know, I just hope it’s not contagious.

Even if it is contagious and it infects the entire Administration (like Brownieitis did), we have our great veep to fall back on. He’s inoculated against such contagion because he has been “re-animated” so many times he’s hardly really alive. Hell he’s walking around the WH wondering why we haven’t nuked someone yet, and calling people out for being so chicken. Just what America needs, a real cowboy with an alarm-clock heart.

So watch it Iran, and Turkey, no incurshing into Iraq until after Thanksgiving…heh, heh, suckers. North Korea, you have $2000 in late fees at the Blockbuster, and Afghanistan…who are you again?

459 days……and counting.

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