#mountainsrock – Today in the TN State Senate

The buck doesn't stop here, there's still more to do.
Well yesterday didn’t turn out quite as planned. Who knew that deer farming would draw such a crowd? I sure didn’t.

The House Conservation Sub rolled HB0291 until April 12th. That means that there’s still time to contact the Representatives on the House Committee, as well as your own Representative even if they’re not on the committee. It also means that there’s plenty of time to plan a trip to Nashville in support of this bill, something I highly recommend. Nothing says support quite like a room full of supporters.

Of course, what happens today in the Senate Committee is also very important. Based on the calendar it doesn’t look like there are any deer farming bills on the agenda, so, if all goes well, we should be able to see where they stand. But don’t wait to find out, give them a call, send an email. Heck, you can even fax some of them (you can find their fax numbers by clicking on their names).

Let them know how important it is that we protect not only the mountaintops, but also the streams, plants and animals that live on those mountains.

I’ll have another update on this after the committee meeting this evening.

Senate Environment, Conservation & Tourism

Committee Meeting – Wednesday, March 30, 3:30PM – Room 12 LP

Steve Southerland – Phone (615) 741-3851 – email
Jack Johnson – Phone (615) 741-2495 – email
Jim Summerville – Phone (615) 741-4499 – email
Mike Bell – Phone (615) 741-1946 – email
Mike Faulk – Phone (615) 741-2061 – email
Roy Herron – Phone (615) 741-4576 – email
Beverly Marrero – Phone (615) 741-9128 – email
Kerry Roberts – Phone (615) 741-1999 – email
Eric Stewart – Phone (615) 741-6694 – email – Bill Sponsor

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