More Elections in Less than a Month

On November 8th, the elections for City Council will be final. The runoff, with early voting running from October 19th – November 3rd, and election day on November 8th, will decide the four races that are still up for grabs in the Memphis City Council. They are:

District 1, Bill Morrison and Stephanie Gatewood
District 2, Bill Boyd and Brian Stephens
District 3, Harold Collins and Ike Griffith
District 6, Edmund Ford Jr. and James Catchings.

All of these districts are pretty far away from my home in midtown, but these four races comprise nearly 31% of the seats on the City Council. 31%, while not a majority is enough to sway a governing body one way or the other, making these races even more important.

Since I don’t live in any of the districts I won’t be able to vote in the election, but I will be writing about the candidates in the coming days.

Stay tuned!

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