Memphis’ Stupidity Reaches National Audience

Here I am, about to get ready for bed in the nation’s capitol, and I stumble across this little number.

Do we have to air our dirty laundry (read racism) on a national scale?

I find it humorous that LaSimba Grey is not mentioned in the article. I’m sure that irritates him to no end.

Can we agree to be over this yet? For the sake of all that is Holy, this is and should forevermore be treated as a non-story. The only people who would make this an issue are the same people who make race a litmus test for service. Since when did Reverend Robert Poindexter, LaSimba Grey and the rest of the mob become Black Dixiecrats?

Think about that, after you clean up the drink from your computer screen.

And just who is Larry Moore? The article says he’s “a University of Memphis professor who teaches a course on how politics affects business”. I find one Larry Moore that is in the Civil Engineering Department, and another that is in the “School of Accountancy”. So this guy is either a number cruncher or an engineer. What a great source of political insight. Maybe he can score a job at CATO lite.

Why, why, a thousand times why?

I hope Memphis isn’t as stupid as this article portrays it. I hope with all my being. But hope doesn’t guarantee anything. And I’m not holding my breath until next August. This is war, pure and simple. And the folks that started it have the most to lose.

Hope you guys have padded toilet seats, because you’re not going to be able to take a crap without me writing about it.

P.S. Keep your feet to yourself and NO tapping.

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  1. I talked to Jackson and he said that Larry Moore is in the law school at the U of M. Apparently, he also makes movies.

  2. He’s not in the law school. He’s a lawyer and he teaches buisness law classes but he does it in the buisness school. Margo had him as a prof. Ultra-conservative rambler… He also happened to be at Dish the night that Carol came to DL.

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