#MCS Following the Media – 2/5/11 – 2/7/11

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Above is the video of last night’s session in the Tennessee Senate. Sorry that it’s Silverlight, but I don’t have any control over what technology the state decides to use. The download wasn’t too bad for me.

During that session, SB0025, a bill that impacts the way in which the transfer of Memphis City Schools to Shelby County Schools is executed, and how that board may be made up, passed the body by a party line vote of 20-10 with 3 Democratic members Present not voting (Barnes, Henry, and Herron).

There have been some other things, that may or may not be reflected in the coverage listed below. One of the most important is included in this post containing letters from County Commissioner Mike Carpenter and MCS Commissioner Martavius Jones.

Due to a lot of things, primarily my schedule, I’m a little behind, and as such I won’t offer that much comment today, except to say that regardless of what Senator Norris asserts, this bill unnecessarily punishes Memphis for exercising its right to dissolve a special school district in accordance with state law, and transfer the operations of that district to the state mandated educational authority in the county, the Shelby County Schools. Further, by creating a special law, separate from the law governing previous transfers, whether they used 49-2-502 or not, the bill would essentially violate Memphians’ right to equal protection as set forth in the 14th amendment that so many Republicans like to talk about repealing.

February 5th, 2011

Wow, I found nothing from Saturday. I will look again to be sure.

February 6th, 2011

Wendi C. Thomas: Race an evident Memphis schools charter concern
Memphis and Shelby County students learn ABC’s of school consolidation
Viewpoint: What principles will be needed to guide creation of a consolidated school system in Shelby County?
Poll: Memphis City Schools charter surrender would pass, but not by much
Exclusive survey shows most voters in favor of consolidated schools
WKNO to broadcast school consolidation debate in Senate
Memphis Voters Weigh in on School Consolidation Showdown
School consolidation referendum prompts residents to raise awareness
Shelby County commissioners accused of violating state’s Sunshine Law
State Lawmakers To Vote on Schools’ Future

February 7, 2011

Tuesday night forum in east East Memphis
Wednesday forum oriented toward students
State Senate to vote this evening on Memphis-Shelby schools merger bill
MCS/SCS Merger Updated Timeline
Letters from Jones, Carpenter to senators
Norris bill passes Tennessee Senate
Tenn. Senate Passes Memphis Schools’ Merger Bill
Tn. Senate Approves Schools Bill 20-10
Norris Bill Passes State Senate
TN Senate Passes Norris School Merger Bill
Germantown Considers Special School District
Tennessee Senate approves bill to delay school merger
Idea for Germantown school district earns applause
County Commission ponders role left in merger
Germantown Holds Informational Meeting

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