#MCS Following the Media – 11/28/11

Yesterday, Jackson Baker of the Memphis Flyer published a series of videos from the multitude of Town Hall meetings held on Thursday. Some of the comments in those videos are more interesting than others. I’ll leave it up to you to draw your conclusions.

In other news, the state ordered SCS to contract with its first Charter School. It’s interesting to me that SCS has avoided the specter of Charter Schools up till now, especially considering that many people in the county system support the idea of Charter Schools generally. Actually, it’s telling. Perhaps, despite the rhetoric that Charter Schools are a positive reform policy idea, the leaders of the county system recognize that Charter Schools may have a negative impact on public education generally. I don’t know, just throwing that out there.

Finally, State Sen. Beverly Marrero speaks out about the specter of the state inserting itself in a local issue. From my perspective, legislators should beware of this action. It may be Shelby County today, but if the state intervenes in this issue now, how long will it be before the state decides something in their home districts, wherever they may be, has displeased the state and warrants intervention? I wonder how these legislators would feel about it if their voters were being threatened with disenfranchisement.

Enjoy the weekend. It promises to be beautiful out there.

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