Lien on Me

It seems that newly appointed City Council member Henry Hooper II may be in a bit of a pickle. As reported by Fox 13, Mr. Hooper, a former Secret Service agent, is fighting with a division of the US Treasury Department, his former employer, over a $400,000+ tax bill.

And I thought my taxes were high.

The tax liens, dating back to 2000, were not discovered during his background check. Perhaps a refund is in order. Hooper is currently fighting the liens in court.

This can’t bode well for the seat, formerly held by Rickey Pete, who plead guilty earlier this month to charges of accepting $12,000 in bribes.

If this keeps up, people will be running scared from Super 8 Position 2. A word of advice to those who would run for this seat, keep your nose clean and your powder dry. The curse of 8,2 just might rear it’s ugly head on you.

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