Joementum to Educate Palin

It would appear that our good friend Joe Lieberman has volunteered his services to help Sara Palin with her lack of foreign policy experience, even though her state is right next to Russia.

Palin will also not be available to the media for an undetermined time while she gets her affairs in order back in Alaska. I guess they’re going to use some of that time to get her up to speed on their Cold War era worldview of foreign policy. Personally, I don’t think she needs it.

Palin is an expert at repeating long bellowed Republican talking points that are neither reflective of reality, or reflective of what the US has actually done in foreign policy under Republican Presidents, much like that of the person she would replace, George W. Bush (we all know Cheney runs the place over there for Christ’s sake). What more does she need?

On the flip side, why not have a VP also ran educate the current VP pick. Makes perfect sense to me. I mean, no hard feelings right?

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