It’s been an exasperatin’ week…

With all the news that’s been floating around this week, it seems like I would have taken some time to write something about something. Well, I almost did, until I experienced a personal tragedy. On Monday, Percy, my trusty PowerBook was attacked by rogue elements of the Mimosa Liberation Front The attack left Percy lifeless and sticky. After several attempts to revive Percy, we loaded his lifeless aluminum shell into the car and raced to the Apple Store in Germantown.

Upon our arrival to the “Mothership in Memphis”, we were informed that Percy was no more for this earth, and that we would be lucky to retrieve the data from his orange juice encrusted hard drive. So, with heavy heart, we purchased a new MacBook Pro, and asked the Geniuses to attempt a “brain transplant”.

The call came the following day around 2pm. The transplant complete, I picked up the new computer, aka Marcel, and the lifeless Percy, along with some waterproofing accessories, and took them home. Percy has been such a huge part of my life and my business over the past two years that letting him go quickly just didn’t seem right. So, instead of immediately sending him to the great computer recycler in the sky, I put him on the dining room table, a final goodbye to his favorite place in the house.

Last night, after a 13 hour day filled with fighting a cold and some of the most boring speakers I have ever experienced, I returned home, only to be greeted with Percy’s lifeless aluminum shell. Out of pure curiosity, I opened his screen, and pushed the power button. Unbelievably, he powered up! Percy lives!

I just hope that Percy and Marcel can get along.

The end.

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  1. Freedonian, you get the dubious distinction of being the first person that was not soliciting me for something foolish to post on my blog.

    Thanks for reading.

    Long live Percy!

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