In the Hour of My Content…

Just flew into DC this morning, after a good night of chatting with my liberal pals. I’ve been to DC more times than I can count for work in the 10 years that I’ve been doing events, but I’ve never had the time to get out into the city and REALLY look around. Today, I did.

Walking around in DC reminds me of San Francisco. Not in the climate, or architecture, or any of that, but in the ability to walk around and feel a sense of place. DC isn’t like anywhere I’ve ever lived. There are areas that are connected by something other than strip malls. There are people WALKING (oh the horror). The streets are disorienting at first, but eventually work out into some rhyme and reason. DC feels like a place, not a scattered collection of places. It’s outside of my experience.

I finally got to take a picture at the White House. Tomorrow, if I have more time, I plan to go to some of the monuments. I wish I had time to go to the Capitol and sit in the gallery. That’s just the kind of thing that gets a political goob like myself off.

I see that John Ford got convicted. That’s a good thing for Memphis, despite any of the worries of Hatch Act violations and all. John Ford was a tool for the power structure in Memphis. His whole family is. I hope that, in the coming months, the citizens of Memphis won’t allow themselves to fall into that Ford name recognition comfort zone.

I’ve got a lot of other things on my mind that I would like to talk about, but I just don’t seem to have the will to write them right now. I’m feeling the kind of overwhelmed by my brain activity that only one thing can fix.

See ya at the bar.

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