In Search of Decorum

I chose to give myself some time to cool down to write about this, but I have to say I’m still a little more than pissed. The frat house tactic/mentality of leering, circling, and then cornering members of the opposite sex in public settings may be entertaining to some, but it is the height of disrespect. Surely individuals of your station and caliber have more common sense, and better manners than this sad demonstration of hormone driven degradation of both yourselves and your victim. Needless to say, this activity both disgusts and saddens me.

I will not name any names or point any fingers, but you know who you are. Alcohol consumption is no excuse. If you can’t handle your liquor in public, keep it at home. Sadly, I fear that this behavior goes far deeper than blood alcohol level.

I do not expect any kind of apology, because I am not the one that deserves the apology. I just want those involved to know that such behavior is not acceptable to many others and me. Nor, I suspect, would it be found acceptable to the general public.

The End.

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  1. This is a great post. It’s people that act in that manner that give others complexes.

    I just wonder how people think they can act that way towards others. What right do they have?

  2. I must agree with the previous posts that this is unacceptable and that there is no excuse for this behavior, least of all alcohol. Therefore, I am making an unqualified apology to those whom I have offended and give my strongest assurances that it will not happen again. I deeply regret my actions because it has hurt people that I consider dear friends and that I greatly respect. I do not ask for forgiveness as I do not know how yet to make amends. I can only hope that will come in time.

    I would like to thank Vibinc for the discretion of not naming me publicly. However, I will step up in the hopes that doing so will at least show my sincerity.

    As you know, I have sought and will seek public office and the prudent thing would be to let this go by. But I believe personal relationships are more important than political aspirations. I have also campaigned on a being a different kind of leader and having a higher standard. While I may be a drunken ass, I should not be a hypocrite. I have come to better realize the extent of my flaws and will work to be the kind of person my friends and many others in this community who have previously put their faith in me deserve.


    Kevin Gallagher

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