Imagine What the Signs Will Say

Senator Hillary Clinton is willing to take her fight to the convention

“Yes I will. I will, because I feel very strongly about this.”

Last night in my liveblog I asked the question

Obama avoided WV and Kentucky like the plague, why? He knew he was going to win NC and OR so why spend resources and time in those places? Wouldn’t it have been better to get as many votes as possible EVERYWHERE?

Well, now we know the answer to that question was a resounding “YES”!

Since Pennsylvania, the Obama campaign has been coasting. They knew where they were going to win, and have won those contests, but for some reason they haven’t been willing to maybe take 1% less in a safe state for 3-5% more in a contested state. Why is this? Last night I only half jokingly said it was Obama letting her save face, “…[he] let her have them” as a peace offering, so that once he had the delegates to win the thing, she could go to her supporters and say they tried. Unfortunately, that’s really not going to happen.

Hillary is going to fight this thing tooth and nail. She feels entitled, and she’s not going to let it go. Considering the circumstances, I kind of can’t blame her. This is the closest primary battle in my lifetime (that I remember) and it’s understandable that, for all she’s invested, she expects something, and that something is a shot at the Presidency.

If that “gentlemen’s agreement” that I spoke of above is the case, more than anything else, this shows the Obama camp’s naiveté. There may have been an agreement of sorts, but the thought that such an agreement would be honored when so much is on the line is not only naive, but shows a gross misunderstanding of the mind of a Clinton. Clintons will fight even when they cannot win, to show the world they’re a fighter. Any number of consolation prizes may be offered, to no avail, they fight on. Even when the fight is against their best interest, they continue to fight, they’re political pit bulls and Obama should have recognized that from the beginning.

Should this fight go on to the convention, and we really won’t know until June 4th, it is a gift to the Republican Party. The break they’ve been waiting for. Imagine what the signs will say in the “free speech area” outside the convention. Imagine the news coverage, and Tweety’s giddy snickering. It sickens me to even think about it.

On the upside, this may expose more people to the party. Throughout the continued primary fight, Obama and Clinton have been showing better numbers against McCain. Perhaps that will continue should she choose to fight the rules she agreed to. All in all, I’m tired. I’m ready for the general. I’m ready to bury McCain, and look forward to 4 years of positive leadership. I hope Hillary is ok with that too.

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