I do not understand Sheldon Adelson

I get crazy, but not this kind of crazy.
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That’s how much Sheldon Adelson spent on the 2012 election.

If total spending was around $2b, Adelson made up 7.5% of that spending.

One dude. 7.5% of all political spending in the country.


Adelson spent all that money with the slew of conservative “dark money” groups that have popped up in the wake of the Citizen’s United decision.

Considering the investment, one might be led to believe that Adelson is a staunch conservative warrior, funding the cause.

According to this interview with the Wall Street Journal, (h/t @HuffPo) Adelson is anything but.

The pro-science, pro-choice, pro-socialized medicine Adelson spent $150,000,000 on candidates that are anti-science, anti-choice, and think people should trade chickens for healthcare.

I’m really speechless.

What’s more, he intends to spend twice as much the next time around.

Damn x2.

Of course, Adelson has been under investigation by the DOJ since 2011, so that may explain some of his animosity toward the Obama Administration. It doesn’t explain why he would work so hard against what seem to be his core political values.

When I’m irritated with a politician, either personally or politically, I just send them a letter explaining why I’m sitting this one out with them. In only one case (that I can think of) have I actively worked against anyone, and that was in a primary with no general election opposition. I can’t fathom working both against a candidate and my core values. Seriously, its unfathomable.

Of course, I also don’t have a gazillion dollars.

So I’m flummoxed. Next thing you know Adelson will come out in support of a tax increase for wealthy Americans.

If that happens, my head might explode.

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