How These Voters Were Identified

Getting the list of voters who received the incorrect ballots is a long process. I’m not going to go into all the technical stuff. If you want to know, comment, or send me a message from my contact page and we can have a good ole geeky time. Chances are I’ll learn something.

Once you’ve identified who those potential people are, its fairly easy.

Below is a quick video I put together that describes the last step in the process.

Do not try to do this with a full Participating Voter List! You’ll never find enough needles in that haystack.

If you live in Tennessee, you can download the state shape files for Google Earth below:
Congressional Districts
State Senate Districts
State House Districts

If you want to check against my data, here’s the Excel Spreadsheet that I made with voters who received the wrong ballot.

Finally, here is the Voter Participation List through 7/20/12 that I used. This is to verify that the voter did indeed receive the incorrect ballot.

Please distribute this information and help people be more informed before they vote. Also, if there’s some super smart developer out there that’s interested in helping make a mobile app to help voters know their districts, or even some kid of web app, that would be awesome.

The main reason I brought this to people’s attention is because I want them to be able to vote in the right district…for people who will actually be representing them.



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  1. Steve…check out It’s a website we put together during a 48 Hour Launch event, so you can see all your districts/representatives in one place. I think it still needs to be updated for the state redistricting…the new Shelby County School Board districts are correct, though. We’re working on the update and providing more information in the future.

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