Hobbsian Economic Stimulus

As GoldnI and Kate Granju point out, TNGOP mouthpiece Bill Hobbs has suggested people send 30 pieces of silver to new House Speaker Kent Williams, as a sign of his disloyalty, selling out the TNGOP.

Nice, but couldn’t Hobbs have found a company from TN to supply his childish fantasy?

The link eventually leads to a company based out of Livonia, MI. I’m sure they’re nice people, but should the mouthpiece of the TNGOP be sending our hard earned money out of state, particularly a ROYAL BLUE ONE? Party City has 11 stores statewide in every major city in TN, and look they have coins too, though they are gold, not silver. I guess you’ll have to go to your local hardware store to get some silver paint or something.

Still, think of all the sales tax the state is losing sending that business out of state, 27 cents an order. I mean seriously, with all the pull Mr. Hobbs has nationwide, that could add up to I dunno, 15 bucks or something.

Mr. Hobbs, you have a duty to your party and your state to keep this business local. I’ll let this one slide, but the next time you come up with some dumb idea, I expect you to make sure as many Tennesseans as possible can reap the rewards of your all powerful reach.

vibincblog has no affiliation with Party City, other than shopping there from time to time for random goofy things.

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  1. That will make a nice Easter donation to a local Church of Kent Williams’ choice. If Hobbs is lucky, it’ll be a Universal Unitarian church — compliments of the Tennessee GOP’s most ardent supporters.

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