HD-98 Turnout – Updated

Edited to add: Apparently the CA got the number wrong. The Election Commission reports that 268 people have voted in the election. Still, that’s way too few.

The Commercial Appeal is reporting that only 166 people have voted in the HD-98 special election to replace Ulysses Jones, who passed away late last year.

166 people.

In November there were 8300+ votes for Jones in an uncontested election. 166 people represents 2% of that already low number.

I know that reporting on this election has been largely lost in the shuffle of the MCS Charter issue, but seriously, 166 people? Will the next person representing HD-98 be elected by fewer than 1000 voters?

This is crazy. Under what strategy does getting as few people as possible to the polls result in a winning effort?

There must be absolutely no campaigning going on. In fact, I usually get these things forwarded to me, if I don’t get them directly, and I’ve received nothing on this election except for a notice of one fundraiser.

In any case, and this is not meant as a slight to any of the candidates in the race, whomever wins with such a low voter turnout is in serious jeopardy in 2012. If four candidates haven’t built their brands enough and campaigned enough to get 1000 people to the polls, chances are they’re going to see a challenge in the 2012 primary and general.

All I can say isn “wow”!

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