Have You Lost your F**ing Mind?

There are two items in the news, not related to the MLK remembrances, that I want to address in this post. The first has to do with the suspension of on air personality Randi Rhodes.

Ms. Rhodes has been suspended for calling Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro “f***ing whores” at an affiliate event in San Francisco. Since we don’t have an Air America affiliate here in Memphis, I doubt anyone will be seriously effected by this. Still this kind of attack does not help people who identify themselves as liberals. If anything, this reinforces the right-wing talking points that paint us as rabid nut-jobs.

Further, her comments to CNN just make her look as crazy as her right wing counterparts. From the article:

“They are in breach of my contract and have damaged my hard won excellent reputation in the broadcast industry…”

I think you damaged your reputation all on your own Ms. Rhodes.

There are all sorts of attacks against Senator Clinton, and her campaign that could be launched, and perhaps should be launched, but calling her a whore is way out of bounds. Further, should most of the laws of probability be broken in the next 5 months, Senator Clinton could lead the Democratic ticket. By espousing such rhetoric, such a situation would put Ms. Rhodes in a potentially uncomfortable position.

The second item comes from the Clinton Campaign. Several sources have chronicled the apparent disconnect between Clinton Campaign Strategist Mark Penn and progressive policy (Starting with The Nation about a year ago and several more since then). The most brazen, and possibly stupid came earlier this week when he met with the Columbian ambassador to discuss a trade deal that Clinton Opposes.

To be perfectly honest, Mark Penn is the single largest reason that I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter. His presence on the campaign calls all that Hillary stands for into question. After this mess, and all the other screwball things he has done throughout the campaign he should be dismissed. It’ won’t happen, probably because the campaign still owes him $3M.

As an aside, Hillary was in town this morning to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the passing of Dr. King.

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