Happy 4th of July

To all you poor saps who have to work today (that includes you s.mac) I say…sorry.

For the rest of you, light a firecracker (if you’re outside the city limits), eat a hot dog and drink a beer, it’s Independence day for crissakes!

Don’t feel like grilling that dog? Head on over to the Blue Monkey on Madison. Today’s lunch special, chilli dogs! While you’re there you can say hi to s.mac and a whole host of other people who work at places that don’t see the 4th as a lounge worthy holiday.

In any case, be safe, and be careful, the po-po is out in force. If you’re drinking, a cab is only a phone call away, and way cheaper than a DUI or worse, an accident.

Cheers and Happy 4th,


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  1. Thanks for the sympathy! Fireworks and hotdogs made up for it last night!

    Not to mention 3 glorious days of hanging out with you!

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