Hanging Up the Bribery Pants

My apathy has been flaring up the past couple of days. I’m not sure of the origin of this flare up, but I just can’t seem to get enough of the 24hr fear cycle, or re-runs of Scrubs.

One thing of note, HB1874 that would exclude people convicted of bribery or other “infamous” crimes from running for office was signed into law on the 1st. You can read the final draft here. Guess it’s time to hang up those bribery pants guys…or at least be more selective on where you wear them.

The Special Primary Election came and went with a whimper. Some people were surprised, some weren’t. Some are probably peeing themselves with glee that their “significance” has been validated or something. I don’t really know any of those people, but I have a suggestion for them.

It’s starting to get hot, and the mimosa tree in my backyard is spewing pink crap all over the place like the aftermath of a South Padre Island Spring Break party (Tequila Rose…ewwwwww).

Maybe I’ll go watch Tweety, I need a good hour of Scooter Libby apologists explaining why he should be pardoned, and hell, I haven’t got my fill of fear for the day.

It’s Happy Hour folks! Drink up!

P.S. Hey bruce, you can blink now.

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