God, I Hope They’re Not Catching On…

…But I Think They Might…

Tuesday night, as I was preparing to board my red eye flight from Anchorage, AK, I checked my twitter feed, as I am want to do when I’m bored in an airport, and ran across this post by a conservative consultant for Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia.

The post addresses the stunning realities in the loss of former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia Democratic Primary, but principally asks the question, “Does Money Even Matter in Elections Anymore?”.

Really, you should read the whole post. It’s a very insightful, on the ground account of the race from someone who has a vested interest in the outcome.

I think it’s really important that anyone thinking about running for anything read the post. It highlights that, while money is important in political campaigns, shoe leather and an irrepressible desire to reach out to voters wins elections.

With that in mind, I want to remind readers about a current initiative of the TNDP, SOS trainings Save our State from the GOP are scheduled around the state in the coming months. Whether you want to be a candidate, a super-volunteer, or are simply interested in reclaiming the State House in 2010 you should consider attending one of these events.

In the end, we all need to recognize that the old way of running elections isn’t the only way. Big money certainly helps, and connections to established party leaders may not hurt, but it ain’t the only way to get elected. Sometimes sweat equity pays the highest dividends.

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  1. McAuliffe had two basic problems.

    1) A history of failure. Destroyed the DNC and in doing so helped the Repigs solidify their majority.
    Then there was the Hillary Clinton campaign which, in spite of her own errors, was a losing effort in every possible way from the beginning.

    2) Democrats are sick and tired of seeing Bill Clinton’s face.

    Clinton = Primary Loss

    When Democratic candidates realize this simple math we might find it easier to move ahead. The Left is still the power in this party.
    And we categorically reject the politics of capitulation.
    Even Obama is doing a little too much of it. Not anywhere near the Clinton level, but still too much.

    He’ll have trouble in the primaries too if he keeps it up too long.

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