Getting in a Wreck Teh Suk

Today was eventful. The image you see here is my beloved 2006 Element, Jerome. He is dead due to a lady with neither insurance, nor brakes, nor common sense or decency.

Yes, we rolled 450 and killed a street light in the process. Smac wants a memorial cone in the place the street light once stood.

The lady tried to make it all about her, which is interesting considering that it was she that was at fault per the MPD.

Lots of people stopped to help me and Smac out of the car. We had to pull her through the windshield. Thank you kind Memphis people.

In other news, I pulled a petition to run for City Council, District 9, Position 1.

That is all.


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  1. Rest In Peace dear Jerome! You have been our friend and we loved you!

    (My head hurts!)

    God thing everyone came out of it okay and the fine folks of Memphis had a lot of heart today… Thank You TRULY!

  2. so what is going to replace jerome? I vote for a hybrid.

    Good to know you two are if not fine, doing better.

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