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I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because of my work schedule, but thought I would take some time to write something. This post is not really political in nature, but more personal.

I’ve been traveling a lot again. After nearly 10 years on the road, traveling is not something that I care for, but, in order to make the mortgage, it is necessary. As with most traveling experiences I lost/broke something. This time it happened to be the power supply for my laptop. Ugh. I’ve had more computer related problems this year, most of my own doing, than ever. Hopefully I’ll be back up and running so I can feverishly check my “news” later on today.

I see that Carol Chumney has filed for Mayor. This is a good thing for Memphis, even if she doesn’t end up winning. We need a hearty discussion about the future of this city, and the more people in the race, the greater the possibility that we can talk about something more than personalities and other such nonsense. I still haven’t decided who I will support at this moment. I’m waiting to see more about what the candidates plan to do with the city. Last week’s meeting with Herman Morris at Drinking Liberally was enlightening. Hopefully we can have more discussions with other candidates like that in the future.

I’m reading The Assault on Reason right now. So far it has been an enjoyable read. Most of the general information in the book is common knowledge by anyone who has followed this administration closely, but some of the details slipped by me. In this case, the devil truly is in the details. Even if there is a Democratic President and Congress after the next national general, it will take a lot of work to reverse some of the more damaging policies that this administration has put forward. The whole thing makes me tired.

Several nights ago, in an attempt to do something mindless, other than watch the Cavaliers get STOMPED by San Antonio I found this game called “Democracy”. It’s pretty cool for a $22 download game. Basically it puts you in the place of the leader of one of 12 countries. You adopt policies and set tax rates and deal with problems. Pretty simplistic, but also pretty neat. It would be a good exercise for someone who had little knowledge but high interest in the workings of government, and the impact of policies on the various groups that make up the populace. Right now I’m in my 21st term and still rocking…and who says progressive policies are unpopular?

Like I said earlier, I’ve been traveling a lot. My current career; Video director for corporate events, is my second career. My first was owing an art gallery. Both have their pluses and minuses. In both, I was self-employed (+). Being a gallery owner focusing on new and controversial art is a low pay proposition, particularly in Little Rock (-). But I got to be involved in many aspects of the art community (Theatre, Music, visual art) (+). Being a self-employed video director means that I have little time to do many of the things I love (-), and I find much of the content mind numbing (-). I do get more time off than most people (+), and I make a good living (+).

Because this is my second career, I’m not really that afraid of trying something new. I don’t guess I ever really have been. Eight years in to career number 2, I would really like to do something that takes advantage of both my current and former careers. I enjoy writing, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching people sit back and enjoy a musical, or band or something creative that I have had a hand in crafting. I’m not sure that I’ll ever have, or make the opportunity to do something like that again, but I do miss it.

I’ve also been thinking about finishing my degree. Of course, a degree in music performance (my original degree program) is about as useful for furthering your career as toilet paper, so I’ll probably go with something else. Still not sure what, still not sure how, maybe online or something so I can still work, but right now I feel like the lack of a degree is the single biggest thing holding me back from discovering and successfully going after the next thing I need to do…whatever that thing may be.

I decided to write this post in the new Safari beta to see how it works with blogger. So far, it seems to be working nicely. I’ll update if everything goes awry after I post.

Thanks for reading my little personal whoop-d-doo. Time to get back to my book, and enjoy my day off.


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