Following the Media – 1/8/11 – 1/10/11

The two biggest events for these three days had to do with endorsements and AG opinions.

First, the opinion. The State Attorney General confirmed what just about everyone except Bill Giannini and Mark Goins knows, that this is a vote that must take place in the City only. Either way, they successfully delayed the process for a while, which seems to be their strategy. Mission accomplished, though I’m sure they would have liked more time. This raises a question about the Shelby County and State Election Commission’s duty to impartially administer elections.

In other news, the Memphis chapter of the NAACP came out in support of the referendum.

If this weekend is any indication of future weekends, Saturday and Sunday look like the only times you’ll be able to really catch up with what has become a media feeding frenzy.

January 8, 2011

Memphis Author Watching MCS Charter Issue Closely
Citizen Group Forms To Support Memphis School Charter Surrender

January 9, 2011

Showdown over schools: Uncertainty about merger gives way to talk of ‘inevitable’

January 10, 2011

County attorney issues charter surrender opinion
Tennessee AG says residents outside Memphis cannot vote on charter surrender
Memphis NAACP announces support of charter surrender
NAACP Backs School Merger Vote
Memphis NAACP Calls for School Consolidation Vote ASAP
AG Opinion Says Memphis-Only Vote On MCS Charter Surrender
State Attorney General Rules On Charter Surrender Vote

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