Following the Media – 1/6/11

The crazy continues…

For whatever reason, Elections Coordinator Mark Goins is sticking to his guns on the whole, City Council must approve any School Board referendum, when there’s plenty of settled law that says otherwise. If the City Council had to approve things like this, they would have taken over the schools some time ago, which, I believe they have been told they can’t. Logic test failed.

There’s a little bit of a pissing contest emerging between the Mayors and the Shelby County Commission. I think its pretty clear to everyone but Mark Goins that they don’t have much of a say on any of this, so stand down fellas. Its fine to use your bully pulpit to try to keep the issue from exploding into some new kind of crazy, but the last thing we need is a pissing contest.

Shelby County Schools attorneys have basically told the body to get ready for a transition. Whether they’ll do this or not is another thing entirely. They seem so bought in to the idea of maintaining the status quo, confusing the issue, and ratcheting up the rhetoric that any attempt at crafting a transition plan would be looked at with skepticism.

The truth of the matter is the December 20th vote was as much a vote of no confidence against the Shelby County Schools as anything else. Coming up with a transition plan in this environment is going to be difficult, to say the least.

It’s going to get more difficult to follow all this, with all the different actors involved. My advice, take just about everything you read from the media with a grain of salt and a deep breath. All they can do is report what they hear, and what they’re hearing is coming from so many directions, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not getting a little confused themselves.

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