Following the Media – 1/4/11

The three biggest things happening today involve three Mayors, and a query from the Shelby County Elections Commission.

First, both County Mayor Luttrell and City Mayor Wharton are getting ready for a transition, whatever that transition may be. Its not clear what power either of the Mayors have to help craft any kind of transition considering the way the resolution is drafted, but at the very least they can work to keep the conversation from devolving further. In a press conference today the Mayors called for new legislation from the State legislature that would cover any transition between two of the state’s largest school districts should Memphis voters approve the resolution. Whether or not that legislation will be forthcoming is another story.

The third Mayor in the mix is former City Mayor Willie Herenton. It was reported today that he already has a transition plan ready, and is predicting the referendum will pass. The details on this plan are not known, but the former Mayor certainly knows a thing or two about the schools, having served as Superintendent back in the 80’s and 90’s.

Finally, the Shelby County Election Commission has sought an opinion from the State Elections Coordinator regarding the resolution for a referendum. Delay tactic anyone?

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