Following the Media – 12/24/2010 through 1/2/11

The Christmas and New Year’s break brought a bit of a respite to the whole school debate. No sense in trying to report things when many government offices are closed and people are on vacation. This is the quiet before the storm, enjoy it.

There’s been a little bit of noise over the past several days, though it hasn’t gotten much traction. The ministers are still against it, Terry Roland is trying to besmirch the honor of a MCS board member and candidate for state office, talk of transition planning, and of course the inevitable lawsuit.

You know, normal stuff.

Decmber 24, 2010

School consolidation tested Tipton County
Charter dispute may go to court; Shelby County schools consider legal action
Grassroots movement gaining momentum in opposition to MCS charter surrender
Shelby County Commissioner Alleges MCS Vote a ‘Back Room Deal’
Memphis suburbs consider creating independent school systems

December 25, 2010

School merger preparations begin in Memphis

December 26, 2010

Veterans of school mergers offer tips for Memphis, Shelby County

December 27, 2010

Timing An Issue in Schools Standoff
Secession Lessons from Memphis’s Past
Pickler Promises Answers Concerning MCS Charter
Shelby Co. Commissioner Questions Integrity of MCS Charter Surrender Vote

December 28th, 2010

Commissioner asks if MCS board member traded vote for possible appointment
County Residents Might Be Able To Vote On Whether MCS Surrenders Charter

December 29th, 2010

Local School Issue on Verge of Going Statewide
Memphis-area ministers seek facts on school consolidation issues
Shelby County probes charter vote; commissioner seeks ethics investigation
MCS Board commissioner denies selling vote
Schools Standoff: Waiting On Opinions
Gatewood Defends MCS Vote Amid ‘Back Door Deal’ Allegations
Shelby Co. Election Commission wants county voters to join special election
Election Commission Request for State Ruling on MCS Charter Vote Further Roils the Waters

December 30, 2010

Memphis City Schools charter decision could affect DeSoto
Election officials request ruling: Do Shelby County voters get say in schools merger?
Voter Makeup Unclear on School Merger
Wharton Calls Potential School Consolidation “Shotgun Wedding”
Many questions remain as MCS charter surrender vote looms
Who Decides? School Vote Still Undetermined
Standoff Continues Between School Systems

December 31, 2010

Shelby County Schools attorney ‘lived through’ nearby merger in Tipton
DeSoto educators watching Memphis merger talks

January 1, 2011

School Board Members Might Be Able to Change Charter Vote
Fate of city schools charter muddied
Memphis City Council weighs in on MCS charter surrender
Memphis Parents Speak Out On School Charter

January 2, 2010

Wendi C. Thomas: Merger could be fresh start for schools

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