#MCS Following the Media – 1/20/11

What? Could it be? An emerging voice of clarity and calm? From the Shelby County Schools side? Surely not. Well, that’s exactly what Shelby County Schools Superintendent John Aitken was in this interview with Ernie Freeman. I encourage you to watch it.

Despite all the back and forth threats and fear tactics that have been coming from Shelby County Board of Education members, Aitken puts the discussion back where it belongs, on education. Not only is he putting forth a “can do” attitude, but he’s also trying to quell the fears of many parents in both systems. “We’re going to do what’s right for kids”. That’s a welcome message among all the rhetoric.

Other than that, there hasn’t been much news. It seems everyone is waiting for the litigation to start, which probably won’t happen until the State Legislature starts back up in two weeks. What they choose to do will have huge impact on how the situation develops.

Enjoy your snow day.

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  1. Aitken is a good and dedicated administrator who genuinely does care about the education of students and hopefully he will be the person who leads a unified system and not that snake oil salesman Cash and his over-priced minions.

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