Following the Media – 1/15-17/11

Weekends are a time to relax, especially when it’s a long weekend with a holiday. Personally I needed a break from the breakneck speed so I could catch up. Some interesting developments over the weekend.

First, there was a forum at Lemoyne-Owen. That generated most of the attention.

The Commercial Appeal took a look back some 20 years ago at the last school consolidation effort and all the racket if generated.

David Pickler is confident this compromise to give up all our rights with none of the benefits will pass. If it does, I’ll personally lead the recall campaign.

Perhaps the most surprising, but totally not surprising thing of all is that Shelby County Commissioner Mike Ritz, who lives in Germantown, supports the surrender resolution. Maybe he should have a talk with Pickler.

It’s probably going to start moving pretty fast today. The MCS board holds a special meeting tonight. Depending on the outcome of that meeting the Election Commission will set a date Wednesday. Once that’s done there’s no turning back. Though I’m sure someone will try to figure out a way to head back.

The delay tactics employed by the Election’s Commission and State Elections Coordinator Mark Goins worked to the extent that they allowed this false compromise to muddy the waters, but despite that delay the only folks clamoring for compromise are the same folks who lobbed the first grenade, and Jeff Warren, who is hell bent on compromise no matter what the cost to the citizens of Memphis. Perhaps he should play Fred in those old Fred’s Store commercials. Jeff, you’re giving away the store!

I’m sure I’ll be on Twitter tonight following the meeting. So pop on over and follow the conversation. You should be able to search #mcs to follow the discussion, though you may also get some info on some Dj’s as we apparently hijacked their tag.

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Bartlett scours options for schools
Memphis City Schools board member Mallott may swing merger vote
Schools Partisans Spar at LeMoyne-Owen, Watson Mum
School Charter Forum Draws Possible Voters
Panelists voice pros and cons of MCS charter surrender
Voters Seek Answers to Memphis & Shelby County School Consolidation Questions

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jones, Pickler square off over school merger
Showdown over schools: Officials draw line in Memphis-Shelby County merger debate
Forum Held on School District Merger
Critical Week Ahead in MCS Charter Surrender Battle

January 17, 2011

Repeating history: School merger proposed 20 years ago sparked similar debate
Pickler Optimistic Compromise School Plan Will Win
Suburban Shelby County Lawmaker Supports MCS Charter Surrender
Learning from the Chattanooga Merger

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