Following the Media – 1/14/11


That was the word of the day yesterday. Compromise. Some outlets were talking about a second compromise, others just compromise in general. In any case, the word was compromise.

As for the proposal, it’s great if you live in the county. Truth is, MCS gets nothing out of the compromise, except a sense of “peace” that some board members want. I’m not sure where the “peace” is in giving up your power of self-determination, but who knows?

Go read Smart City on this supposed “compromise”.

Norris’ bill is on hold until the General Assembly gets reorganized. So no need to report on that any more people.

Truth is, we’re in a kind of suspended state right now. An election day will be set on the 19th. The MCS board will meet sometime after that to consider the compromise. Until all that happens, there’s really not much to report.

Except, apparently Betty Mallot’s “poker face”.

Looks like the weekend will be dominated with inauguration coverage, etc. so I’ll hit ya back on Monday.

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