DFA Training Memphis and Beyond

I just finished training with Democracy for America here in Memphis. It was an awesome experience.

I encourage everyone, if you want to work or volunteer on a campaign, or even if you’re just a political junkie like me to go to the training. The insight itself is instructive. A lot of those things that you bitch about that politicians do, are explained in these trainings (through examples), even though that’s not the focus. In fact, there’s as much information to be learned about why people do what they do from this training than I can explain in my current mushy headed state.

It was awesome.

I want to remind readers that training in similar subjects will be offered at the TNDP Summit in Monteagle this coming weekend.

Guys, this has been one of the most satisfying weekends in this political junkie’s recent memory. I thank Brad Watkins for bringing them back to the area.

There were attendees from Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and even Texas at this training. It’s worth the drive from Texas folks, you missed out!

The next DFA trainings in the area are Shreveport, LA and Birmingham, AL in June. Go to Democracy for America for more information.

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