Democratic Apocalypse

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m packing my stuff and bustin’ up outta this state before Brian Kelsey, Stacey Campfield & an angry mob of the 2% majority that makes up the Tea Partiers come to town on white stallions, raids my house and puts me and my Democratic friends into some Red Dawn-esque re-education camp, or worse!

Now that Long Tall Johhny T. and Big Bad Bart are callin’ it quits, not to mention Phil and his Phunky bunch getting’ term limited out, we just might have to compete for an election! God knows, if there’s one thing Democrats hate more than anything it’s competition!

Yessir, it’s a lookin’ pretty grim out there for folks like us. I guess we just oughta fold up shop here and start lookin’ for another state that’s more in tune with Tennessee Democratic values… I don’t know what state that is, but we need to be lookin’ and lookin’ hard. You can only pee in a busted radiator so many times before your truck starts smellin’ funky & I’m sure the effete liberal palettes of most Tennessee Democrats just couldn’t stand the thought of peeing standing up.


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