Clark Endorses Clinton

From his PAC, Securing America

This is disappointing to me in so many ways. I was on the Draft Clark train back in ’04. As Clark seemed less and less likely to get his stuff together, my support waned, but my respect for the man was not diminished. Clark was one of the most requested speakers for upstart Democrats in the ’06 election.

Unfortunately, this endorsement doesn’t really square with Clark’s longstanding positions on foreign policy particularly in the Middle East. It begs the question, is he fishing for a cabinet post or has he been working behind the scenes with Hillary all along?

I’d love to see another native Arkansan in the White House, even at VP, just so long as it’s not Huckabee, and Clark would be that alternative. Unfortunately, this endorsement, for the first time ever, has made me question a man whose character, up until now, I though was unquestionable.

I’m looking forward to more coverage on this.

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  1. I have to agree.
    I’m disappointed too.
    I wondered over at Chez Coma if this would change things.
    Don’t know it will or not.

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